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Am3359 development board -- gigabit network transformer manufacturer


Am335x has the following advantages:

First: the device is the cheapest cortex A8 processing chip, which is crucial to the Chinese market, and the micro single port network transformer is even the decisive factor.

Second: the most comprehensive chip in the history of Ti.

Third: the most clear product positioning, industrial control MCU

Fourth: the only MCU integrated with two Macs

Fifth: the only support for androd 4.0 at present, And supports three operating systems at the same time Linux,Android, WinCE.AM335X The development board has perfectly supported the above three operating systems. The micro gigabit network transformer has been used by many domestic manufacturers in industrial control, medical electronics, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent transportation, energy conservation, power system, communication system, textile industry, numerical control industry, automobile electronics, industrial touch screen control system, robot vision and media It is widely used to deal with the price of wireless applications, digital home appliances, on-board equipment, communication equipment, micro single port network transformers and other harsh environments

CPU unit:

AM3359开发板——千兆网络变压器厂家Am3359 interface diagram

Dm3730 application processor (pin to pin compatible with dm3725, am3715, am3703 processors)

1GHz arm cortex-a8 core (supports both 300600 and 800MHz)

800MHz tms320c64x + DSP core (supporting 250520 and 660mhz at the same time)

Storage unit:

512MByte DDR SDRAM,200NHz

512MByte NAND Flash

Transmission interface:

Serial port:

Uart1, 5-wire serial port, TTL level (extensible, lead out in the form of pin arrangement)

UART2, 5-wire serial port, TTL level (extensible, lead out in the form of pin arrangement)

Uart3, 3-wire serial port, RS232 level (for debugging serial port, DB9 male serial port base)

USB interface:

1 x USB2.0 OTG, high speed (Mini usb-b female interface)

4 x USB2.0 host, high speed

1 standard TF card base (SD / MMC signal, supporting 1.8V and 3.3V logic voltage)

One 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet interface (RJ45 connector) am3359 + tlk110 + yl2j011d

Expansion interface (2.0mm pin spacing, 40pin row base)

Two SPI signals (including SPI1 and spi4, where SPI1 is a dual chip selection channel and spi4 is multiplexed with mcbsp1)

Two channels of McBSP signals (including mcbsp1 and mcbsp3, where mcbsp3 and UART2 are multiplexed)

One I2C signal (i2c3)

1 channel HDQ signal

GPIO (the total number of gpios for the expansion interface is 33)

Audio / video interface

A 4-wire S-Video interface

One HDMI interface (supports DVI-D signal)

One audio 3.5mm input connector (red seat)

A dual channel audio 3.5mm output interface (green base)

Input interface:

1 camera interface (supporting analog and digital camera modules)

6 x 6 matrix keyboard interface

One 14pin standard JTAG interface

2 user keys

1 sleep wake button

1 reset key

LED indicator:

2 power indicators

1 system indicator

2 user defined lights

Display unit:

1 HDMI interface (output resolution 1280x720, bit rate 30fps DVI-D HD signal)

S-Video output interface

24bit true color LCD interface (50pinfpc row seat; including 4 resistance line touch screen interface, resolution can support 2048 * 2048)

Electrical parameters:

Working temperature: 0 ~ 70

Ambient humidity: 20% - 90%, non condensing

Electrical indicators: +5V@150mA

Mechanical size: 136.2mm x 105.3mm

PCB specification: 6-layer board design


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