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Amic110 industrial communication engine of RJ45 network transformer




Amic110 industrial communication engine (ice) is a development platform for industrial communication, especially industrial Ethernet. Sitara amic110 SOC is an important component of amic110 ice, which has arm ® cortex Gamma -A8 processor and programmable real-time unit industrial communication subsystem (pru-icss), the price of micro communication transformer can realize the integration of real-time industrial protocol without ASIC or FPGA. Amic110 ice has a boosterpack shape and can be used in combination with C2000 launch pad to develop interconnected motor drive solutions as well as industrial sensors and IO in factory automation.


Amic110 SOC with Sitara ™  Arm ® cortex ® - A8 and pru-icss

215MB DDR3 and 8MB SPI flash

Two 10 / 100 industrial Ethernet Connectors with external magnets

20 pin JTAG connector to support all types of external simulators

RoHS and reach compliant design

Industrial temperature dual port EtherCAT slave device with SPI interface and EMC standard

5V input power supply, single chip power management IC tps650250, can supply power to the whole circuit board and dual dp83822 phy


3.3V SPI interface (e.g. through launch pad) that can be connected to any host processor such as C2000

Ti's amic110 is a multiprotocol programmable industrial communication processor based on Sitara Gamma Arm cortex-a8 32-bit RISC processor, micro communication transformer with working frequency up to 300MHz, supports advanced operating system (hlos), and integrates neon ™  SIMD coprocessor, peripherals and industrial interfaces, 32KB L1 instruction cache and 32KB data cache, 256Kb L2 cache, 176kb boot ROM, 64KB dedicated ram, 64KB universal on-chip memory controller (ocmc) ram. The protocol includes EtherCAT, PROFINET IRT, Ethernet / IP, PROFIBUS, Ethernet Powerlink, SERCOS III. It is mainly used in the price of industrial communication micro gigabit network transformer, connecting industrial drive and backplane I / OI


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